Welcome to Our Cybersecurity Bootcamp!

Are you ready to begin a transformative journey into the world of cybersecurity? Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to refresh your knowledge, our 17-Day Cybersecurity Bootcamp, partly designed by industry leader Cisco, is designed to equip you with the foundational skills and understanding you need to start a career in this rapidly growing field, after which you’ll choose to either purse a career as a junior cyber security analyst, Ethical hacker, Penetration tester, End point security or Network defense expert.

Why Choose Our Bootcamp?

  1. Expert-Led Training: Learn from industry professionals, including experienced instructors from Cisco, who bring real-world expertise and insights to the classroom.
  2. Comprehensive Curriculum: Covering everything from the basics of network security to some fundamental cybersecurity principles.
  3. Hands-On Experience: Engage in practical exercises and quizzes to rehearse what you learn immediately.
  4. Flexible Learning: Our course is structured to accommodate busy schedules, with a mix of individual and group learning.
  5. Career Support: Benefit from career advice, resume workshops, and networking opportunities with cybersecurity professionals.

Course Overview

  • Cybersecurity fundamentals
  • Threat actors attacks
  • Mitigation
  • Security policies amp procedures
  • Secure architecture
  • Wireless networks
  • Network security controls
  • BYOD security testing
  • IS governance
  • Risk management
  • Incident management
  • Business continuity
  • Disaster recovery
  • Cyber Attackers
  • Cyberwarfare
  • Attacks, Concepts and Techniques
  • Analyzing a Cyber Attack
  • Methods of Infiltration
  • Security Vulnerability and Exploits
  • The Cybersecurity Landscape
  • Protecting your Data and Privacy
  • Protecting Your Devices and Network
  • Data Maintenance
  • Safeguarding Your Online Privacy
  • Discover Your Own Risky Online Behavior
  • Protecting the Organization
  • Cybersecurity Devices and Technologies
  • Behavior Approach to Cybersecurity
  • Cisco’s Approach to Cybersecurity
  • Will Your Future Be in Cybersecurity?
  • Legal and Ethical Issues
  • Education and Careers

Who Should Enroll?

  • Aspiring cybersecurity professionals
  • IT professionals seeking to expand their skill set
  • Business owners and managers responsible for securing digital assets
  • Anyone with a curiosity about cybersecurity and a desire to learn

Course Details

  • Duration: 17 days
  • Format: Online Bootcamp
  • Fee: Tuition-Free

Enrollment Process

  1. Application Submission: Complete the online application form..
  2. Sorting & Selection
  3. Onboarding & Enrollment Confirmation: Upon acceptance, secure your spot by joining a team and making a publication to us.

Ready to Secure Your Future?

Apply now and take the first step towards a rewarding career in cybersecurity. Spots are limited, so don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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Join us for an empowering journey into cybersecurity, and become part of the next generation of cyber defenders!

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73 thoughts on “Cyber Security Bootcamp

  1. Learning with DEXA has been awesome, interesting and impactful. I have gained more insight on Cyber Security.

  2. Cyber security has been my dream since teenage,and i wish to learn from here and know all i need to know here.

  3. Question 1
    Answer: white hat
    Question 2
    Answer; black hat
    Question 3
    Answer: gray hat
    Question 4
    Answer: black hat
    Question 5
    Answer: gray hat

  4. I really do wish to be part of this cyber journey by Dexa.
    I am really curious to know what this is all about, hopefully I hope I’m picked

  5. Hello please I cane across this post
    I work in the tech field as an IT support engineer for Microsoft and I would like to further develop my skills in cybersecurity please I hope I get picked to get a free training for this course as funds are not available at this moment but if I am selected
    I will make optimal use of the opportunity.
    Thank you and God bless

  6. Please, I tried to register but I couldn’t is there any other means I can get registered. Let me know! I’m interested in Cyber Security.

  7. My Name is Harrison precious and I really want to learn cyber security. I would be so happy when I am picked. Thank you in advance

  8. My name is Ijeoma faustina, I gave birth last month and want to use this opportunity of staying at home to learn something new.
    I will be glad if I’m picked

  9. I am Afelemoh. I have been searching for a means to learn cyber security and here you offer an opportunity. I will be so grateful to be selected.

  10. I am thrilled to submit my candidature for this course and demonstrate my passion for the cyber security.Joining this course will be marvelous as my dream comes true! I can’t ro start learning cyber security from you!

  11. I am reaching out with genuine humility and excitement about the prospect of joining the Cyber Security course at DEXA.

    I must admit that my current career path has not exposed me to the intricacies of technology, and I find myself at the beginning of a journey to shift into a field that has always captivated me – Cyber Security. The opportunity to apply for your free course is a lifeline for me, and I am writing to earnestly request your consideration for admission.

    While I may not boast a background in the technical aspects of Cyber Security, my eagerness to learn and commitment to making a meaningful career change are unwavering. I see this course as the gateway to acquiring the skills and knowledge needed to contribute effectively to the technology sector.

    I am fully aware of the privilege that a free education offers, and I am prepared to invest time and effort to make the most of this opportunity. The chance to learn from the esteemed faculty at DEXA is a beacon of hope for someone like me, seeking a chance to embrace a new career path.

  12. I really wish to be part of this awesome journey of learning cyber security.
    It will really be a great pleasure to be part of this great learning platform.

  13. Looking forward to this life transforming program. Hoping my skills in the cyber network will take a new turn for greater heights. Thanks for the opportunity.

  14. Hi my name is Trust Uwakwe, I’ve been looking for such a Wonderful opportunity like this, And I’d say I’m a curious minded individual and enjoy taking up challenges and tasks. I love Everything about Computer Engineering More especially cyber security, I’m considered self driven, motivated and Enthusiastic about Cyber security, I’d greatly, love to be considered with such a Wonderful and great honour if Accepted thanks

  15. My name is Daniel ThankGod.
    Am a chemical/petrochemical engineering student in final year. I wished to be selected in this tech skill, have really been aspiring for it. It will be a great privilege for me to learn this Cyber security, as it essential in this age.

  16. My name is Aimalohi, I have been looking for an opportunity to get a tech skill.This tech knowledge on cyber security, for me is curiosity, and I am willing to learn.It will be a privileged to learn.

  17. I’d really like to be chosen for this wonderful course. I’d like to broaden my knowledge on cyber security

  18. Hello, my name’s Ajibade. I’m a graduate of English and Literary Studies(English major).

    I’m interested in the tech skill opportunity created by Dexa. I’d love to learn Cyber Security and I’m willing to dedicate everything to it if given the chance to be selected.

    I believe this would help in securing a better future for me in a country where getting a job is more tedious than schooling to be eligible for jobs offer.

    I’m praying and hoping to get selected so I can start my journey in tech. Thank you in anticipation.

  19. I am a computer science student
    Class of 2020
    I need a professional course like cyber security as a backup
    I will be grateful to be a part of this program.

    Thank you

  20. Can’t wait to start with you guys, the zeal to acquire more IT skills this year , is giving the no gree for anybody vibe

  21. I would love to partake in this program in order to gain and attain more knowledge about information security and other cyber security related issues

  22. It’ll be an honor if picked . I studied veterinary medicine but trying to divert into the tech world . The technical know how that will be taught in the duration of this program with go a long way in my tech journey.

  23. I want something new in my life sir… this might do it sir.. I’ll be glad to be part of this program sir.. thank you and nah bless sir

  24. My dream has always been to become a Cybersecurity Expert, I feel this is my best opportunity to fulfill that dream.

  25. Dear Sir,

    I am writing to express my strong interest in learning more about cybersecurity and to inquire about any opportunities for training or internships that may be available at your company. I am eager to develop my skills and knowledge in this field. I believe that your company’s expertise and reputation in cybersecurity would provide an ideal learning environment for me to grow and excel.

    Thank you for considering my application.

    Chidike Orji

  26. It will be a dream come true if I am selected as part of this program. I hope to learn slot about cyber security from Dexa.

    1. I’m interested in Cyber Security but I can’t see where to apply for the next cohort. I’m a cyber security enthusiast and currently doing my diploma in cyber Security at Base university Abuja. I would love this bootcamp more than anyone else