Discover the secrets to effectively leading project teams to success.

The increasing demand for project-oriented jobs worldwide, fueled by digital transformation and the emergence of large-scale infrastructure projects, calls for enhanced project management skills. This course goes beyond the basics, equipping you with the knowledge and expertise to confidently lead projects in the future.

Throughout the course, the focus is on delivering project benefits to stakeholders within the designated timeframe and budget. You will learn to select the most suitable project approach and develop the essential leadership and management skills required to build high-performing project teams.

From tools and apps to tips, concepts, methodologies, dos, don'ts, and best practices, this course covers a wide range of project management topics. You will gain insights into successfully delivering projects and acquiring practical project management skills applicable to projects of any size.

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Acquire core knowledge and applied skills in Project Management.
  2. Master the art of leading projects to success, leveraging leadership and behavioral aspects.
  3. Utilize tools and techniques to manage the entire project management life cycle, from initiation to closure.
  4. Balance the critical tradeoffs of time, cost, and scope to meet customer expectations.
  5. Apply best practices across various industries and businesses.
  6. Effectively navigate the dynamics of social and cultural factors, legal and regulatory requirements, as well as technological advancements and infrastructure that impact the success of projects in the global marketplace. Develop the ability to understand and adapt to the diverse social and cultural contexts, comply with relevant laws and regulations, and leverage technological advancements and infrastructure to ensure project success on a global scale.
  7. Learn practical ways to apply project management skills, regardless of project size.

Why Take This Course?

1. Project management positions are booming, with 1.5 million opportunities per year (source: Project Management Institute).
2. Entry-level project managers earn a median salary of $84,000 (source: Project Management Institute), while Senior Project Managers can earn up to $200,000 per year, depending on industry and role complexity.
3. Exciting career prospects await in various domains, including Project Manager, Project Consultant, Project Analyst, Program Manager, and Project Management Office Manager.
4. Project management is a crucial skill-set applicable to numerous careers and contexts in our lives.

Who Should Enroll?

1. Individuals aspiring to become Project Managers.
2. Men and women looking to pursue a career in Project Management.
3. People interested in learning about Project Management.
4. Developers, Business Analysts, Coordinators, Change Managers, Analysts, and anyone seeking a career transition to Project Management.
5. Those interested in easily accessing job opportunities, as Project Management is a thriving market.
6. Individuals aiming to earn between $80,000 and $200,000 per year, and potentially more.
7. People who enjoy leading teams, coordinating tasks, and building trusting relationships.

This course caters to both beginners and seasoned veterans, offering valuable and practical insights to all participants.

Learning Experience:

Throughout the course, you'll have the opportunity to connect with fellow learners, share ideas, and engage in active discussions through the comments section.

Learning Outcomes:

By the course's conclusion, you will:

- Engage in self-reflection to assess your current level of project management knowledge and go beyond the foundational concepts to enrich your professional practice. Gain valuable insights and skills that extend beyond the basics, allowing you to enhance your project management capabilities and excel in your field.
- Identify appropriate methods and techniques for specific project management scenarios.
- Improve your awareness of the professional skills necessary to excel as a project manager.
- Demonstrate your ability to lead project teams successfully.
- Enhance your capacity to provide and receive feedback from project stakeholders.
- Apply effective communication tools and techniques to engage with project stakeholders.
- Develop an understanding of the ethical aspects inherent in project management.
- Receive a verifiable Certificate of Achievement to strengthen your résumé and support your professional journey.

Sample of Certificate (without unique Stamp)

Who Is This Course For?

This course is designed for individuals actively involved in and leading projects in their work, even if they don't consider themselves professional project managers. It also offers an opportunity for those considering a career in project management to explore the field further.

Course Instructors:

Brett Harned

    • Director of Education at TeamGantt.
    • More than 20 years of work experience in project and people related management.
    • Digital project management consultant, coach, and community advocate.
    • Extensive work with organizations, including Simple, YNPN, Navy Federal Credit Union, and digital agencies.
    • Expertise in building effective processes and communication strategies for successful digital projects.

Brett Harned is dedicated to providing excellent project management resources through TeamGantt and addressing critical issues that are vital to organizations aiming to achieve high-quality digital projects in a harmonious manner. He takes pleasure in developing processes and communication strategies that not only benefit the projects themselves but also the individuals involved in them.

Prior to establishing his consultancy, he held the position of Vice President of Project Management at Happy Cog, where he provided guidance and mentorship to a team of Project Managers and successfully executed projects for esteemed companies including Zappos, MTV, and Monotype. Brett will be leading two significant sections of this course, leveraging his extensive expertise and experience.


Who developed the course?


  • Project management software with a primary focus on creating efficient Gantt charts.
  • Founded in 2009 by John Correlli and Nathan Gilmore, who identified the need for effective online project scheduling and collaboration tools.
  • Built TeamGantt to address this need, leading to its popularity among individuals and companies seeking streamlined project management solutions.

Whether you are a project management enthusiast, a professional seeking career advancement, or someone involved in leading projects in your current role, this course offers valuable insights and practical skills to propel your success. Join us on this learning journey to unlock the secrets of effective project team leadership and achieve your project management goals.


  • 6 Sections
  • 141 Lessons
  • 0 Quizzes
  • 21h Duration
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Module 1 - Introduction to Project Management [Teamgant]
14 Lessons0 Quizzes
  1. How to Navigate on DEXA
  2. Onboarding - MUST READ
  3. About This Class
  4. Introduction
  5. Principles of Project Management
  6. Project Management Methods
  7. Collaborating as a Project Manager
  8. ★★ You've come to the end of Day 1, Day 2 Begins with the Next Lesson >>
  9. Setting up your projects in Teamgant
  10. Utilizing your system
  11. Communicating as a project manager
  12. Communication case studies
  13. Wrap up of Introduction to Project Management
  14. Important Task - Review
Module 2 - Becoming an effective project manager (Open University)
29 Lessons0 Quizzes
  1. Welcome to Module 2 - Becoming an effective project manager (the Open University UK)
  2. ★★ You've come to the end of Day 2, Day 3 Begins with the Next Lesson >>
  3. Welcome to Project Management: Beyond the Basics. (video)
  4. Project Manager Salary: Your 2023 Guide
  5. What skills should a project manager master?
  6. Identify your role's project management skills - Discussion
  7. Speaking from experience - (video)
  8. The demands posed on a project manager
  9. ★★ You've come to the end of Day 3, Day 4 Begins with the Next Lesson >>
  10. Reflecting on skills
  11. Engaging Stakeholders
  12. ~~ Evaluating project stakeholders
  13. ~~ Who are the stakeholders? (video)
  14. ~~ Mapping stakeholders
  15. ★★ Important Information - DO NOT SKIP
  16. ★★ You've come to the end of Day 4, Day 5 Begins with the Next Lesson >>
  17. ~~ Strategies for dealing with stakeholders
  18. ~~ Communicating inside and outside the project team
  19. ~~ Communicating with stakeholders (video)
  20. ★Working ethically in projects
  21. ~~ Difficult decisions (video)
  22. ★★ You've come to the end of Day 5, Day 6 Begins with the Next Lesson >>
  23. ~~ The scope of ethics in projects
  24. ~~ Ethics in practice
  25. ~~ Dealing with difficult decisions (video)
  26. ~~ Acting ethically - (Discussion)
  27. ~~ Three steps to thinking more ethically about decisions
  28. ~~ Identifying ethical aspects in a project - (Video)
  29. ~~ Summary of Module 2
Module 3 - Managing projects in a complex world
23 Lessons0 Quizzes
  1. Welcome to Module 3 - Managing projects in a complex world
  2. Understanding and responding to complexity
  3. ~~ Thinking about complexity
  4. ~~ Volatility and uncertainty
  5. ~~ Complexity and ambiguity
  6. ~~ The challenges for projects
  7. ~~ Orientation in a complex world
  8. ★ Linear and iterative projects
  9. ★★ You've come to the end of Day 8, Day 9 Begins with the Next Lesson >>
  10. ~~ The different approaches explained (video)
  11. ~~ The linear project lifecycle
  12. ~~ Linear projects in practice
  13. ~~ Understanding iterative projects (video)
  14. ~~ The iterative project lifecycle
  15. ~~ Selecting the right approach
  16. ★★ You've come to the end of Day 9, Day 10 Begins with the Next Lesson >>
  17. Adapting approaches to context
  18. ~~ Pragmatism over purism
  19. ~~ Project lifecycles in practice (video)
  20. ~~ Developing project agility
  21. Apply what you’ve learned (Discussion)
  22. ~~ Summary of Module 3
  23. ★★ You've come to the end of Day 10, Day 11 Begins with the Next Lesson >>
Module 4 - Managing Project People
24 Lessons0 Quizzes
  1. Welcome to Module 4 - Managing Project People
  2. Establishing and leading project teams
  3. ~~ Creating a project team (video)
  4. What is a project team?
  5. ~~ Understanding project teams
  6. ~~ Forming teams for projects
  7. ~~ How teams work
  8. ★★ You've come to the end of Day 11, Day 12 Begins with the Next Lesson >>
  9. ~~ The project manager’s role in teambuilding
  10. Creating the conditions for project teams to succeed ★
  11. ~~ How to build a team in ten minutes (video)
  12. ~~ Forming teams in complex environments
  13. ~~ Your experiences of diversity in teams (discussion)
  14. ~~ Collective learning and intelligence in teams (video)
  15. ★★ You've come to the end of Day 12, Day 13 Begins with the Next Lesson >>
  16. ~~ Unlocking team learning
  17. Developing and safeguarding team members »»
  18. ~~ Developing the project team
  19. ~~ Giving and receiving feedback
  20. ~~ Adapting your management style
  21. ~~ Safeguarding the team – and yourself
  22. ★★ You've come to the end of Day 13, Day 14 Begins with the Next Lesson >>
  23. ~~ Apply what you've learned
  24. Summary of Module 4
Module 5 - Managing projects in complex organisations – seeing the bigger picture
32 Lessons0 Quizzes
  1. Welcome to Module 5 - Managing projects in complex organisations – seeing the bigger picture »»⟩
  2. Managing Quality »»
  3. ~~ Thinking about projects and organisations (video)
  4. ~~ Developing a broader view on projects
  5. ~~ What is quality [discussion]
  6. ~~ The cost of quality
  7. ★★ You've come to the end of Day 14, Day 15 Begins with the Next Lesson >>
  8. ~~ Identifying the costs of quality in a project (video)
  9. ~~ Creating a quality plan
  10. Planning for quality (video)
  11. Managing Resources »
  12. ~~ Resource loading
  13. ~~ Resource levelling
  14. ~~ Strategies for resource levelling
  15. ★★ You've come to the end of Day 15, Day 16 Begins with the Next Lesson >>
  16. ~~ Strategies for resource smoothing
  17. ~~ A comprehensive view on resource overload (discussion)
  18. ~~ Problems that affect scheduling resources
  19. ~~ Your experience of scheduling resources
  20. ~~ A different approach to scheduling
  21. ~~ The critical chain (video)
  22. ★★ You've come to the end of Day 16, Day 17 Begins with the Next Lesson >>
  23. Multiple team membership (video)
  24. Managing Conflict »»
  25. ~~ Conflict and its potential sources
  26. ~~Conflicts in projects (video)
  27. ~~ Dealing with conflicts
  28. ~~ Negotiation in projects
  29. ~~ Applying the lessons learnt (video)
  30. Checking your understanding
  31. End-of- Open University Course & summary
  32. ★★ You've come to the end of Day 17, Day 18 Begins with the Next Lesson >>
Module 6: The Art and Science of Project Leadership
19 Lessons0 Quizzes
  1. Welcome to Module 6: The Art and Science of Project Leadership [TeamGant]
  2. Project Leadership Tips: Be a Better Project Leader -
  3. Crafting your project management process -
  4. ★★ You've come to the end of Day 18, Day 19 Begins with the Next Lesson >>
  5. How to Estimate Project Costs -
  6. Documenting project requirements -
  7. Creating Accurate Project Plans -
  8. Setting and Managing Expectations -
  9. ★★ You've come to the end of Day 19, Day 20 Begins with the Next Lesson >>
  10. Tactics for managing & Avoiding Scope Creep -
  11. Winning Trust with Communication -
  12. How to manage stakeholders in a project -
  13. ★★ You've come to the end of Day 20, Day 21 Begins with the Next Lesson >>
  14. Creating effective staffing plans -
  15. How to get the most out of meetings - Adriana Girdler
  16. Mastering time management - Adriana Girdler
  17. You're the project manager now - Congratulations!
  18. Project Manager Salary: Your 2024 Guide
  19. Become a Certified Project Manager - READ TILL THE END TO GET CERTIFICATE

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