Welcome to the Virtual Assistant Professional Certification Course.

This course was put together by a collaboration between DEXA and two of the best Virtual Assistant Coaches in the world, Erin Booth and Le-an Lai Lacaba, hosted on DEXA.

Congratulations again on your deserved selection.

( If you haven’t joined the Whatsapp group, go back to the message/email we sent earlier and click on the available group links to join)

Its time to onboard.

1 – Watch the onboarding Session Video below which lasts for just 18mins.

After which you’ll follow the the instructions in it to easily add the VA course to your dashboard on DEXA. Watch till the end of the video to know what next to do.

PLEASE WATCH TILL THE END!!! We wouldn’t attend to questions that have already been answered in the video. Please watch it!!

2. DO NOT Start learning until timetable is released by 5PM WAT today.

• Start with creating an account [If you Have Not] on https://learnwithdexa.com/account/signup/ and please use a password you can remember. e.g 1234 or 0000 as your password and keep your password safe, write it down somewhere. We’ll be too busy to reset your forgotten password.

If you already have an account before now, there’s no need resetting your password.

•After you’ve created and logged into your account, there are two ways to add the course to your dashboard.

  1. Use the link in the onboarding video description on YouTube. When it opens the course information page, scroll to the end of it and find the “Start Course” button and click on it. The course will then be added to your dashboard.
  2. The easier way is to go through our homepage. www.learnwithdexa.com, Ensure you are logged in. Click on “Explore Courses”, go to the Virtual Assistant Professional Certificate course and click on the start course button.

• Learning will begin immediately timetable is released and you’ll get to know your team Lead afterwards.

I repeat, clicking on “Start Course” will add the course to your dashboard as long as you’re logged in, and failure to do this will make you see an empty dashboard when you login into your DEXA account.

If you ever encounter an issue with adding the course to your dashboard, watch this video below.

Take your time and take it one step at a time.

If you still experience difficulties, please feel free to comment in the WHATSAPP Group or Telegram Channel and get assistance from your peers.

Welcome to the Virtual Assistance Bootcamp.

If you haven’t joined the Whatsapp group, go back to the acceptance mail and click on the available groups.

That’s all for now!


Best Regards,

Team DEXA.