Let’s take a look at how Apple creates great examples of products that create positive user experiences and set the standard for similar products offered by competitors:

  • The iPhone 5 smartphone used a revolutionary design, with its all-metal case and glass front, giving users a highly usable, quality product that fulfilled the basic functions of a smartphone with the desirable features of luxury and ease of use. [1]
  • Apple’s 2012 MacBook Air set new standards for laptop aesthetics by enabling the Apple logo to light up as well as offering users the world’s slimmest laptop design at the time. It left Windows laptops playing catch-up for many years, particularly in the elements of desirable ‘look and feel’. [2]

Apple continues to ensure that creating delight for user experience is present in all its products by setting standards for product design.

Instructions: Describe a good or bad experience with Apple OR any product

Think about products that you have had a good or bad experience with and respond to the questions.

  1. Reflect on a good or bad experience you had when using an Apple product or another similar product.
  2. Post your experience in the community discussion group. Why do you think your experience was positive or negative? Provide reasons for your answer.
  3. Respond to at least one of your peers’ responses to see if anyone experienced the same as you. What do you think of their reasons?

Next, let’s take a look at how you can apply design thinking for your product design and development.

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180 thoughts on “Practical activity 2: Product Management Course: How does Apple create positive UX?

  1. I haven’t used an Apple phone before, but my sisters do. i don’t mind having one…lol

    Apple phones are complex, but great. am not happy with Apple phone because it doesn’t share files with other phones, and it make things difficult e.g. you cannot transfer document to another device but other device like Samsung is compactible to other device.

    Apple phones is the world best phones for me because of all their features and their camera is top notch.

  2. In my opinion, I think Apple build features that are simple in complex and difficult ways just in the name of luxury and sophistication. Originally, an average person may not be able to identify or utilize Apple products features to its maximum potential without assistance from someone who has an idea on how it works unlike Samsung phone or HP laptop which is easy to navigate and understand without training.

  3. My first time of using an apple iPhone i was not happy because it cannot share files with other phones then not until Xender was integrated. However, the clarity of the camera was top notch and i am loving it.

  4. Apple got to the market with a very unique features starting with a brighter camera with long durability unlike other brands that the camera reduces brightness as it’s used. Fast charging features, smooth and seamless calibration. Including the iCloud features that helps iPhone users to safe apps and important folders without fear of losing the phone.

  5. The iphone is such a great phone with beautiful aesthetics and excellent design appealing to users. Its simple and classy physical appearance, high-quality camera, portable size, and high screen resolution among other features made the product team stand out. I must commend the design team for developing the modern design for smartphones creating a strong brand name that other competitors are only struggling to catch up with. However, the product has some limitations such as poor battery duration which requires African users to buy power banks alongside the phones, very expensive, making it a celebrity kind of phone, and high-value depression; for instance, an iPhone bought for N1.5m can be sold for N450k in second-hand value after using it for less than 1 year. A very high depression rate compared to other phones.

  6. Apple is a good product, has really nice features and quite easy to navigate but the general issue has always been the battery life span and all.
    But nobody talks about the space usage, about how it gets full so fast and being asked to buy space on iCloud.

  7. Apple makes their products really easy to use and beautiful to look at. They use fancy materials and keep things simple so anyone can use them.

    Apple makes sleek and user-friendly devices. My iPad, for example, is easy to set up. The screen is amazing, and everything works smoothly. Plus, it connects perfectly with my iPhone and Macbook. However, the battery life could be better.

  8. Iphones has a great camera no doubt and this is one of the reasons it stands out. but most iphone users will agree with me that the battery life span is nothing to write home about. its so discouraging and annoying.

  9. Iphones has a great camera no doubt and this is one of the reasons the stands out. but most iphone users will agree with me that the battery life span is nothing to write home about. its so discouraging and annoying.

    1. Iphones has a great camera no doubt and this is one of the reasons the stands out. but most iphone users will agree with me that the battery life span is nothing to write home about. its so discouraging and annoying.

  10. Apple for me,created a bad experience as it’s battery life is terrible, it also has phone heating issues and screen freezing issues.
    Aside this bad experience it’s second to none for having user friendly functions,an amazing camera that contributes to building lasting memories,it has a simple and beautiful appearance. it has a social relevance.

  11. I had a positive experience with the Apple iPhone XR, particularly with its impressive camera capabilities. The device’s single-camera system delivered stunning photos with vibrant colors and excellent clarity, even in challenging lighting conditions. The Portrait Mode feature produced professional-looking photos with beautifully blurred backgrounds, adding a touch of sophistication to my shots. Additionally, the Smart HDR feature enhanced the dynamic range of photos, resulting in more balanced and lifelike images. Overall, the iPhone XR’s camera exceeded my expectations, allowing me to capture memorable moments with exceptional quality and ease.

  12. I had a bad experience with DSTV Settlling in for a relaxing evening, looking forward to catching up on my favorite shows with my DSTV subscription. However, as I turn on the TV and navigate to the desired channel, I was met with frustration. The signal is weak, causing the picture to pixelate and freeze intermittently.

    I try troubleshooting by rebooting the decoder, but the issue persists. Frustrated, I call the customer service line, only to be put on hold for an extended period. When I finally reach a representative,I was met with a scripted responses and unhelpful suggestions that I have already tried.

    After what feels like hours of troubleshooting, I was informed that a technician will need to be dispatched to my location, but the earliest appointment available is several days away. Feeling disappointed and let down by the service, I resign myself to missing out on my favorite shows until the issue was resolved.

    As the days pass, I find myself increasingly frustrated with the inconvenience and lack of reliable service. Despite being a loyal subscriber, I can’t help but feel disillusioned by the recurring technical issues and poor customer support. This bad experience with my DSTV subscription leaves me questioning whether it’s worth continuing the service at all.

  13. Let’s talk about the iPhone – an almost must-have in the digital world. I’ve used a couple of iPhones, and I must say, it’s been a pretty solid experience. But hey, nobody’s perfect, right?

    On the good side of things, I have to give it up for the iPhone’s sleek design and user-friendly interface. I mean, it’s like Apple just gets me, you know? Everything from the layout to the gestures feels intuitive and easy to use, which is a big win in my book.

    And not forgetting the camera – with an iPhone, everyone, including me, is a professional photographer. Whether I’m capturing everyday moments or trying to get that perfect Instagram shot, the iPhone delivers stunning results every time.

    But with the iPhone, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Every now and then, I’ve run into some annoying bugs and glitches that make me want to pull my hair out. Like, sometimes, the screen randomly freezes when I am in the middle of something important. I’ve had my iphone crash a few times, I still don’t know what those were about. And don’t even get me started on the battery life. It’s like the struggle is real trying to make it through the day without constantly hunting down a charger. Sometimes I feel like I’m tethered to the nearest power outlet just to keep my phone alive.

    But hey, despite its flaws, I have to say, I’m still a loyal iPhone user. It may not be perfect, but it’s got enough going for it to keep me coming back for more.

  14. Samsung product is actually one of the best and their technology adaptation is also impressive but they need to do better with their phone screen, despite the phones sleekness and functionalities, the cost of repair is beyond normal threshold. Sometimes I feel it’s probably to discourage people from repair and rather purchase another one but this has scare many people off purchase Samsung mobile in some cases

    1. I totally agree with this, having used a Samsung phone before, I can say they have top notch values and aesthetics but the fragility of the screen need to be worked upon

  15. I had a bad experience using one of the dating apps called ihappy.
    Too many ads, like if you try to reply to messages or view a profile, for every single two seconds ads pump up making it difficult for easy access and to utilize the app well. After two days of my bad experience, I have to delete my account.

  16. I actually agree that Apple products stand out and they also create a positive user experience.
    Talking about MTN, I love the network but when it comes to the data, it finishes so fast that I will sometimes wonder how come. I love the network in that it is very fast when browsing but the rate at which it get exhausted is too fast when compared to others

  17. I had a bad experience using Whatsapp to do business. Because messages sent are end to end encrypted, criminals, fraudsters messages cannot be traced by detective and at such won’t be caught. I think something can be done about it.

  18. I have a bad experience using WhatsApp, they making features customers don’t need but what they think we should need. you can’t use WhatsApp properly if you have lots of activities going on there, messages come in slowly. Telegram is 100% better they come up with lots of things I am so speechless about, even if you have 20k messages it just connects once, it’s seem less not gonna lie

    1. Yes, they put more effort into what they think the users want without identifying if the users truly love it which does make sense.

  19. I had a bad experience using a product called Zizou can drink in Northern Part of Nigeria, the opening of the mouth to drink was so difficult that it pours on somebody’s body, the opening needs a review design for easy drinking.
    Also, I used a Gionee F6L phone and I have a good experience still using this phone, I love the phone for its simple features that look modern and flexible and easy to use. Its sizeable nature makes it convenient to handle, I have bought other phones yet I still hold on to the phone.

  20. I acknowledge the fact that Apple has set some standard in both it aesthetic and the value it offered, my bad experience is with Samsung, although Samsung too offered a to top notch value and aesthetic for it users but the only things I don’t really like about their product is the flexibility of their screens and how it is expensive and scarce, apart from that, they have been up well and doing in other aspects.

  21. Yeah…I totally agreed that apple products standard out from all its competitors. Its functionalities are user friendly but apple products are meant for premium people and not for everyone. It is not all individual that can afford this product.
    On the second hand, VIVO product is one of my best brand when it comes to gadgets. Its standard is incomparable, strong, easy to operate, high durability battery, with a topnotch device performance. Above all, it’s affordable.

    1. You are right, I totally agree with you though I have not tried VIVO products, I have used other products instead. I think Apple needs to look at the cost of their products but the security of their products is top notch, and they keep redesigning to remain relevant in the market, but needs to be affordable as you said.

  22. No doubt Apple products stands out in aesthetics and I believe it’s user experience should align however, I am not sure it’s cost is for all classes of users. Based on this, it’s maintenance also can be challenging if my experience using Oppo A55 is anything to go by. I have had screen issues and changed it for about 6 times in 18 months. This is unlike other phones I have used not to talk of using a more expensive in the class of apple products.

  23. Am Maria Vincent Olayemi Appel has created a solid foundation that stand them out. outside other product, Apple creates great examples of products that create positive user Friedly experiences and set the standard that create long lasting impression on customers.

  24. To me Apple may have a good product but is for some selected people (the rich) because not everyone can afford their luxury product. The bad experience I have had is with Infinix product. Ant time I want to buy a phone is always infix but all their product gets bad once it’s 1 year. That how you will continue changing charging port. Until I found Vivo which I have used now going to 4 years and have not done any repairs on it.

    1. i think i disagree with the first line of point.”To me Apple may have a good product but is for some selected people (the rich) because not everyone can afford their luxury product. Apple is never made for the rich, it’s a premium product and it offers value for every bit of money spent on it. However, samsung is dragging the top spot with Apple because of their diverse usage and more flexibility in functionalities.

      1. It’s true it may have value for it’s cost (money) except it has created a vague class mostly for symbol status. I believe Apple can win more markets if they have products that are more cost effective.

        1. Yeah…I totally agreed that apple products standard out from all its competitors. Its functionalities are user friendly but apple products are meant for premium people and not for everyone. It is not all individual that can afford this product.
          On the second hand, VIVO product is one of my best brand when it comes to gadgets. Its standard is incomparable, strong, easy to operate, high durability battery, with a topnotch device performance. Above all, it’s affordable.


      i think i disagree with the first line of point.”To me Apple may have a good product but is for some selected people (the rich) because not everyone can afford their luxury product. Apple is never made for the rich, it’s a premium product and it offers value for every bit of money spent on it. However, samsung is dragging the top spot with Apple because of their diverse usage and more flexibility in functionalities.

  25. Apple has established a reputation for delivering value and aesthetically pleasing iPhones to their customers.
    The sleek design, quality of pictures and videos, and seamless file transfer between devices are standout features. However, one drawback I’ve personally experienced is the tendency for iPhones to heat up during prolonged usage.
    While some may argue that it serves as a reminder to give the phone a break, it remains an unpleasing aspect. Even using a patch hasn’t proven effective, as the heat permeates through.
    At times, I’ve had to resort to temporarily cooling my phone in the fridge.

    It’s disappointing that many users share this complaint, and as a company consistently releasing new products, Apple should address this issue in future upgrades.

  26. I actually enjoy using Apple iphone 5 as at when it came out because it had a nice aesthetics, and good to feel.

  27. My bad experience with Samsung phones is the aspect of the screen being so expensive, the phone is to be carried like an egg: because, once the screen is faulty, the money required to change the screen, if the money is added up, it will definitely get a new phone…but aside that, every other features of Samsung is topnotch.

  28. 1, my good experience in using apple products is it features and settings. Taking a look at apple products , I always have that mindset that this product has all I want.It has all this features look and feel.

    2, My experience was positive because apple continues to ensure that creating delight for user experience is present in all its products by setting standards for product design.

  29. One good experience I had with an Apple product was when I upgraded to a new iPhone. The transition process was seamless, with all my data, apps, and settings transferring over effortlessly. The device’s performance and reliability were top-notch, making it a hassle-free upgrade experience.

    XYZ is a hypothetical name I have given to a phone model that I use presently. Normally, a product experience is specifically targeted at the customers’ experience with the product as a whole and it should guide, educate, and prod users at the appropriate points. The customer needs enough information and setting without distracting them from the task at hand. Product experience is different from Customer experience, which refers to the experience a customer has with the product and its surrounding experiences, and User experience which is more specifically targeted. It focuses on how specific interactions with the product affect the user, with less regard for how the product as a whole does
    However, for this discussion, I will intertwine these three experiences as my summative, holistic or overall experience. The big question is “What makes a great product experience?” The answer is not far-fetched, it is the ability of the customer to have a good understanding of how to use the product, how to resolve basic application issues when they arise and how to quickly get help for advanced problems. These are features that excite me in XYZ phone.
    Other factors that make the XYZ phone experience an exciting one for me are:
    • Easy Onboarding
    • Usability and accessibility.
    • User interface.
    • Features and functionality.
    • Information architecture.
    • Content strategy, and many more.

  31. I have always had a poor experience with Yahoo mail as compared to Gmail. My Gmail user interphase is quite easy to navigate, and segmented in an appealing manner. The yahoo mail is not. Besides, I get instant mails on my gmail, once a mail is sent. But for yahoo mail, I would have to wait an extra 1 hour for a mail to show up. So, it’s been very frustrating to get OTPs for transactions on yahoo mail whenever I can’t access my gmail.

  32. The product is iPhones in general

    It is a known fact that Apple has done a lot when it comes to delivering not just value, but an aesthetically pleasing one at that to their customers, from how sleek their smartphones are, to the quality of their pictures, videos, ease of transferring your files from an old iPhone to a new one, and all the other qualities that make them stand out. However, my most unpleasing experience with them to date is how hot their smartphones get when used for a long time, though one would argue that that’s how you know your phone needs to rest for a while and all.

    I hope they can find a solution to the hotness that comes with it, even wearing a patch doesn’t help because the heat permeates through. I have resorted to putting my phone in the fridge sometimes to cool it down when it gets too hot.

    I consider that a bad experience, especially since most of their users have the same complaint. As a company that pushes out new products regularly, they need to upgrade in that aspect as well

    1. The product is Airtel and mtn ,
      1. Excellent experience while using both Airtel and Mtn , good about Airtel , the network is not poor but not strong like mtn but at the same has low patronage than mtn
      2.calls from mtn to other network is more expensive but there network is every where but other network call to mtn is not expensive and not every where.
      3. Mtn data subscription is not durable but other network data subscription are durable

      1. Yea…
        I have had this too. MTN network is practically everywhere, allows for easy reach but its data doesn’t last, and its charges are quite high as compared to other networks.

  33. My Really Few Apple Negative Experiences::

    *Battery Life: My battery life drains quite faster than it did with my former android device

    *Single sim port: it would have been nice if i could fit in 2 different sims in my apple device

  34. The bad experience I had was on Huawei iPad, though it’s a very strong product but, it’s mostly not a layman user friendly.

  35. The product is Amazon fire HD8 tablet
    1. Excellent experience while reading ebooks, good colors and comfortable eye reflection
    2. Slow device’s response from time to time.
    3. Not all Amazon subscription s available in my region
    4. Some subscriptions are pricey for where I come from.
    5. When I subscribe on LinkedIn I still pay a high amount for ebooks, where I expect it to be less because I am a subscriber.

  36. Most people know that Smart phones are usually upgraded to a better, smarter version.
    My bitter experience was when I bought a big phone (as in size) without checking the storage capacity. hahaha, you know what it means, when the new phone is only better than the old one by SIZE.

  37. It’s easy to navigate. It has features that excites me like its camera, video quality, means of sharing information via airdrop. Data services are also faster with iPhones. It is also very durable.

    Its battery can drain quickly especially if you are constantly on line. Also data usage is high bevause of the quality and speed it provides

  38. iPhones which happen to be one of Apple’s revolutional product stands out greatly and to me, its camera has it for me.

    However, its battery is no encouraging like that of Samsung and it seems as they upgrade it becomes no much better.

  39. my bad experience is on Samsung phone when the screen broke the cost o replacement is almost the cost of getting new one…but i love their camera quality

  40. iPhones and Airpods are rated A+ for user experience in my books. The downsides are the incompatibility with other devises like with Bluetooth connections.

    The battery life is also another sore point.

  41. My experience with infinix mobile phone is the longevity it has, and component do not just get damaged for no reason.

  42. Apple products are truly a complete package in terms of the user experience and the inbuilt luxury. Only if they can improve on the battery lifespan then the Apple product will be incomparable to other global phones like Oppo, Redmi, Vivo, Huawei, Samsung, and Nokia when it comes to battery lifespan.

  43. One thing I love about apple products is the graphics and camera the user experience is cool, but always battery issue.

  44. Tecno and infinix phone are genuine product.
    But the battery of tecno phone last longer more than infinix for sometimes that when you charge a infinix phone one of the things you will discover is at the battery we’re going to go down but when you use techno battery capacity is so strong and you think for a very good start and with a very good from one of the things you need is first of all the battery capacity of the phone then talking about the future’s I techno has a very good future or the difference between techno and infinix is that infinix asked more of smart storage for all hops and devices now to protect you from scammers activities

  45. My experience with apple has been amazing. I would say the only issues I have with apple is not allowing external storage and not having strong battery.

  46. My experience with Apple product i quite fair. My major issue with them is the fact that they do not allow external storage unlike other brands.

  47. I have been using iPhones and I agree it has been cool, last year I was really excited to finally upgrade to the 14 Pro for the camera. But I’m finding myself disappointed and have at times, fallen back to using the iPhoneXS.

    The iPhone 14 Pro camera desaturates the colours, overly colour corrects to the point it looks horrible, and when used in apps like instagram, the camera is glitchy, and heavily pixelated. It’s disappointing, considering the price and how Apple keeps boasting about the camera quality.

  48. My experience with apple product was satisfactory but the problem i had was the battery life soon became an issue which made me get a small nokia phone for back up

  49. I’m a huge fan of Samsung phones, and I’ve been using their products for a while. Great and high quality pictures, easy to navigate and relatively long lasting battery than iPhones.

    The disadvantage for me is the screen and flex been mopped together, making it costly to replace the screen when broken or when the green lines appears.

  50. My experience with using an Apple MacBook was awesome.The speed of the processors is amazing. No matter the number of tabs you open on a Macboook, it doesnt hang or slow down the speed. This was a positive experience for me.

    The negative part is that it appears to be a bit complex for new users to navigate through.

    However, on my rating, the AppleMac Book is an amazing product.

  51. I have had a great experience with my I phone, from its swift operating system, to great picture quality to its light and sleek designs. With my I phone, I can multi-task in terms of having various app you can use that makes you want to forget you need a laptop.

  52. My experience with the iPhone is both positive and negative. My positive experience is that the iOS operating system is very intuitive and easy to use. I also think the design of the iPhone is very attractive and sleek, and the size and weight of the phone make it easy to hold and use. The camera is also top-notch, and the photos I’ve taken with my iPhone have been very high quality.
    My negative experience is the battery life. The battery does not last and it makes me carry power bank around.

  53. I do have a 2015 Apple MacBook laptop. A sister of mine gave it to me in 2022, and till now, I’ve not been able to effectively use it. Even though the laptop is sleek and portable, the user interface is not friendly in my own opinion. I had issues with navigating through the tools. At first, I thought maybe it’s because I’ve been too used to HP Laptop was why. But when I asked around, I was told the same thing. It wasn’t easy to navigate, and to get apps on it as well is difficult, unlike HP.

    I’ve eventually gotten a HP laptop and I’m glad that I did.

  54. One of the bad experience I got from an apple product happens to be that I can’t get some of those apps I do get in android os. And the apple phones of that time couldn’t complete on battery. We literally had to carry power banks around.

    1. My experience sure resonate with you. Thinking about it again right now, I feel upset about my experience with the Apple product.

  55. I have only two Apple products (iPad 4 & iPhone 6) and so far so good. I think iOS is a much better operating system compared to Android. It’s smooth, stable and gives users more satisfaction than Android does. iOS apps are always better than Android apps. Apple products have higher quality than the best Android phones/tablets.

    But Apple is not perfect. There are flaws with their products too. Apple’s restrictions imposed on app developers and users is unreasonably harsh. iTunes is confusing and needs a long time getting used to.

  56. Quality Hardware: Apple products are renowned for their build quality, sleek design, and attention to detail. From the aluminum unibody of MacBooks to the robustness of iPhones, users often appreciate the premium feel and durability.

    I personally love the premium feel of my iphone.

  57. One positive experience I had with an Apple product was when I upgraded to a new iPhone model. The process was seamless, and the new features enhanced my overall user experience. Conversely, a negative experience occurred when I encountered a hardware issue with my MacBook Pro. Despite being under warranty, the repair process took longer than expected, causing inconvenience.

    The positive experience with the iPhone upgrade was due to Apple’s attention to user-friendly design and smooth transition processes between devices. On the other hand, the negative experience with the MacBook Pro stemmed from a breakdown in customer service and communication during the repair process. The delay and lack of transparency regarding the repair status contributed to the negative perception. In both cases, the quality of customer service played a significant role in shaping the overall experience.

    Finally, Stanislaus_seyi’s reason for choosing a Google Pixel over an Apple product based on feedback from users and his preferences is entirely valid. People’s experiences and preferences vary greatly, and it’s essential to choose a product that aligns with your needs and expectations.

  58. I recently had a bad experience when using my iPhone. I was trying to access a website on my phone, but the site kept crashing and would not load properly. I tried everything I could think of to fix the problem, including clearing my browser history and data, but nothing worked. I eventually had to contact Apple support to troubleshoot the issue. It turned out that there was a bug in the Safari browser that was causing the problem. Apple released an update to fix the bug, and I was able to access the website without any issues after that. Even though it was frustrating, I was glad that it happened

  59. My best experience with appel is the fact that I’m comfortable doing different things with my phone when it comes to studying.

  60. My most preferred feature on Apple phones are the find my phone feature and how you can keep your phone constantly connected and visible to those of your friends in case of theft. They’re other great features like iCloud back up, camera quality which I also enjoy.

  61. I had never use an apple product before, though from comment from users, it has so many delightful features like the camera, airpod, memory capacity and fast internet access but what discouraged me is the battery life, that’s why most users are seen with power bank, which means the battery can damage anytime…

  62. I have never used an Apple products before, although I have always wanted to but the feedback I got from users has always kept discouraging me from purchasing it, the battery life, the fact that you have to download almost everything needed, and the overall issue is that it’s so common.
    So I had to get a Google pixel when I heard of it and it has been a wonderful and positive experience I must say. It has a lot of interesting, understandable features. And i would recommend this to anyone anyday.

  63. Personally I’m not a fan of apple products. It’s undisputable that the design and functionality is top notch but the limitation for me Is the ease of accessibility and social pressure to keep up with each version of the product. It’s never really a one off buy for a significant amount of time. Though androids come with their own challenges it’s still my preferred choice.

  64. I purchased a new smart phone, from the moment I unboxed it, I was impressed with the design and the quality of the phone. Setty up the phone was easy, thanks to the helpful on screen instructions. The phone’s performance exceeded my expectations with fast processing speed. The camera quality was outstanding and also the battery life was fine as well. I was satisfied with the purchase of the smartphone and I would recommend it to others

  65. I have used both an iPhone and a techno phone. The tecno phone had a bad sound and video quality. But one advantage is it’s lasting battery which last longer than an iPhone. But I had to go back to using an iPhone because of it’s better user experience. Fast internet access and a ecurity. You are sure to download apps that are free from fraud or virus as they are directly sourced from Apple Store although sometimes comes with a price.

  66. I have had great experience using Apple products. They make user experience very desirable most especially when you are using both their laptop and phone as a graphic designer, it makes your work easier and faster.

  67. I have had a fairly good experience using apple products but the only downside i have had is that a new software upgrade comes with battery problems

  68. personally i’m a big fan of apple iphones and so far one of the good experiences i’ve had using the product is the apple removal of headphones jack and the introduction of apple airpods. personally the airpods makes it feel easy for me to move around and make calls or listen to music without having to carry my phones around.

  69. I’ve had an amazing experience with the Apple products I’ve used, ranging from the iPad (1st generation) to the iPhone 8 Plus. The interface is excellent, and they are incredibly user-friendly. It’s easy to adapt to their features.

  70. I have never used an Apple product before, I use a Google phone (Google Pixel) and a Chromebook. So far it has been an amazing experience using the Google products.

      1. The battery life being dependent on usage I believe and know that it is applicable to all other mobile products, therefore, this does not just tailor the problem to apple products.

  71. The negative experience I had with an apple product was with the iPhone 6S. After use of a not so long period, the battery life becomes poor and the experience for the user becomes unbearable as you have to charge the phone almost everytime.
    This is not peculiar to iPhone alone, as it cut across many smart phone companies including the ones that talk about Lithium 4000+mAh powered batteries. The user doesn’t get a lasting experience with the promised battery life.

  72. I have yet to use any Apple product, but from the feedback I have heard people give, the issue with the battery and the fact that you have to pay for everything and sign in everywhere are a turn-off for me. I know they want to secure my activities and account, but it feels suffocating and too much exposure for me.
    I once used a Gionee phone that needed resetting almost every week after using it for a month, then the battery drained fast and started getting hot when you used it or were charging it. I almost regretted buying it but it had a great design, a great camera, and a user-friendly interface. I guess it was a trial product or there was a defect in that batch because the reviews were terrible.

  73. My first Android phone was the Tecno Phantom Z. At first, it was good until the battery became a mini microwave oven in my pocket, heating up even when being used. upgraded to the Phantom Z+ and still had the same experience. I was even afraid that the phone might explode in my pocket one day. That was the last time I bought any Tecno product and switched to Samsung.

    1. Quite understandable not to want a “pocket oven” for a mobile device, but from my experience from using smart phones, other mobile phones also have the issue of hotness with varying degrees, including some Samsung devices.

  74. Every interaction I have had with Apple products feels smooth and natural, thanks to their commitment to user-friendly design.

  75. Every product has it’s strengths and weaknesses. Using an Android phone and iPhone. The Android phone is relatively cheaper with long lasting batteries. The camera quality at first is usually very bright. But,depreciates in quality as times go by . While, the iPhone camera quality is ever bright. But batteries don’t last and it’s susceptible to loosing it’s software components.

  76. Apple products are very nice. Where I’ve reservation is the battery life of the iPhone. The camera quality makes it a must have for online entrepreneurs who need to take picturesnof their products.

  77. I got an apple product and kinda was enjoying it and was comfortable with it.
    Then I couldn’t charge it nor be able to access it.
    It was tough as I used my last money I have to purchase the product and it failed to deliver as expected in a short period of time. It was terrible

  78. My positive experience is with Tecno product especially phones.
    Tecno phones are nice, it’s affordable, the batter lasts long as well
    Y negative experience about Tecno is about the camera quality, at first it’s nice but at some point it reduces in quality

  79. My positive experience is with an infinix product in the sense that they have very affordable phones and user friendly and easy to use phone with quality battery that lasts for a very long time.

    My negative experience with it was that the quality of the camera was poor it snaps blurry pictures.

  80. I had a very good experience with my apple AirPods.
    Here’s why I think it’s a good experience: The sound quality is way better compared to that of any other brand. I tried the oraimo ear buds one time and I just couldn’t stick with the product because apple AirPods are way better

    A negative experience I had with an apple product was couple of years ago when I was using the iPhoneX, I discovered that the battery gets drained quickly and I always have to charge constantly to keep the phone functioning.

  81. Reflecting on a positive experience, I recall my seamless interaction with an Apple product, particularly the user-friendly interface of my iPad Air. Its intuitive design and smooth performance significantly enhanced my productivity and overall user experience.

    A negative experience I had with an Apple product was when my iPhone’s battery unexpectedly drained rapidly after a software update. Despite trying various troubleshooting steps, the issue persisted, causing frustration and inconvenience as I relied heavily on my phone for work and communication.

    1. I can relate with the part where you said your phone battery was getting drained rapidly. I also had this same experience when I used the iPhoneX

  82. Apple is renowned for its user-centric philosophy and commitment to simplicity, aesthetics, and seamless user experiences. These qualities, combined with the intuitive interactions and consistency across devices, make Apple’s UI/UX highly attractive to mainstream consumers. Apple’s design process is centered on the needs and desires of the user, resulting in a product that is tailored to their requirements. The company’s focus on the user’s perspective has resulted in a design approach that is both elegant and functional.

  83. A product similar to Apple which I had a good experience with was Samsung. I would trade a Samsung for an iPhone any day especially the S series because of battery durability. I’m always on my phone and don’t like the burden of moving about with a power bank, so I prefer to have a device that would last for the whole day without having to charge it. I’ve been privileged to use different Samsung products even their televisions and so far so good, the quality is top notch. The downside being unavailable parts when they go bad, like a damaged phone screen replacement would cost almost as much as getting a new phone.

    1. Yeah that’s why i don’t really like iPhone because you would have to be walking about with power bank cause of the battery.

    2. I can relate, Samsung parts are really expensive and scarce. Having to carry a power bank is a big turn-off. Imagine needing to charge your iPhone only to discover you are not with your charger.

  84. Recently, I had a highly positive experience with my Apple AirPods Pro, and I’d like to share why I believe it was such a great experience.

    1. Sound Quality: The sound quality of the AirPods Pro is exceptional. The clarity and depth of the audio enhance my listening experience, whether I’m enjoying music, podcasts, or taking calls.

    2. Active Noise Cancellation: The active noise cancellation feature is a game-changer, especially in noisy environments like coffee shops or during commutes. It effectively blocks out external distractions, allowing me to focus on my tasks or enjoy my entertainment without interruptions.

    3. Comfort and Fit: The AirPods Pro’s ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and secure fit in my ears, even during extended wear. The silicone ear tips provide a snug seal, further enhancing sound quality and passive noise isolation.

    4. Reliable Connectivity: The Bluetooth connectivity of the AirPods Pro is rock solid. I rarely experience dropouts or connection issues, ensuring a consistent and uninterrupted listening experience.

    Overall, my experience with the Apple AirPods Pro has been overwhelmingly positive. The combination of exceptional sound quality, effective noise cancellation, comfort, seamless integration, and reliable connectivity makes them a standout product in the wireless earbuds market. I believe Apple’s attention to detail and focus on user experience are key factors contributing to the success of the AirPods Pro.

  85. Apple makes their products easy to use and they look really nice. They pay attention to every detail, like how the logo on the MacBook Air lights up. When things work well together, like Apple products do, it makes using them really enjoyable. My experience with Apple products has been great because they’re so easy to use and everything works together smoothly.

  86. I have not used an apple product before but i can say i have had to revert to the iPhone camera even though i use the best of another brand’s camera. i am big fan of the Samsung, especially the s-series. i took the iPhone 7 and Samsung s12 and decided to test each camera outlook and realistic result. i should say, the iPhone 7 camera even though a very old product of apple still stood its own against one of the best of Samsung.

    this might be a positive experience per say but i should say the image capturing of the iPhone has made even the worse of photographer seem like a pro in a field they have little knowledge of. this can’t be help but it more like pushing a weakling to the warfront; he will either kill himself or endanger the rest.

    Apple’s iPhone has set the standard for other brands in terms of making the user have the sense of luxury, security and even fast processing.

  87. My Experience was with the BlackBerry phones. If there was anything that stood the product out for me was the instant message id name “pin” I was literally in love with the phone at the time that I owned multiple of them because it was the “smartphone ” of the season at the time and fun for chats.

    In January 2022, BlackBerry Limited CEO John Chen confirmed that the infrastructure operating system, software, and services of the BlackBerry, which had been around for two decades, was being decommissioned. This meant that text messages, Wi-Fi, and even data usage would no longer work as they once did. It was not pleasant to me given the announcement that they are officially defunct and are physically unable to function.

    I got to realize that they transitioned into a software company, one with a different purpose than the company had before, and are now of the leading cybersecurity companies.

    I think it was a good thing for the brand because they had probably discovered a better solution for its consumers problems in better ways and the decision has been satisfactory both to the brand and its consumers.

  88. Upgrading to a Samsung mobile device has been a great experience for me. The functionality, design, easy software upgrade,security (anti-virus) and user experience has been the game changer for me. I prefer it to other brands and I have never fixed anything hardware on it. The only thing I replaced was the charger and ear piece.
    Samsung is customer-focused and this is why I will go for it any day.

  89. I recall my first experience with an Apple phone – the iPhone 7 plus. The experience was out of this world for me at the time because I had been using Android phones and the iPhone was an upgrade for me. The curved aesthetics of the phone was part of the positive experiences for me. Also the keypad was amazing as it was like it adjusted to my typing thereby reducing my typos. Another reason why the experience was elevated for me was the consciousness of being in the esteemed class of iPhone users – a status perception!

  90. my experience is going to be on samsung product and apple product stating the differences to samsung product which is one of the most expensive gadget parts yes its a good product with good configuration which is andriod and with this the security level is very low kinda because it will be very easy to hack your phone but samsung is till one of the best best product to me and to iphone their security level is top notch and there product will always be outstanding and unique because they work wiyh customers preference

  91. Apple still lead the race for me in both the physical appearance and configurations. The apple product is designed in such a way that they are not proned to theft and hacking unlike the android. The look and feel, the display of the applications, the texture, the weight, the overall look is appealing and very captivating and every users will like to experience it.

  92. i once used an Apple Xs max mobile , it was a great product, users friendly and had great functional activities
    one of the negative experience i had with the phone was the fact that it over heats at some point of usage and you have to shot it down in other to cool off

    1. I remember when I changed phones from an android to iPhone and I never I was never going back 😆, the user experience was just so sleek and smooth, then iPhone interface had a enhanced and upgraded look to it and i was really hooked.

      1. Exactly my experience too. But beyond the aesthetics of the phone was also the status symbol of an iPhone. I think this is an area to consider when designing a product – consider the perception of the product in the mind of users and the society.

  93. I’ve been using apple iPhone 11 for over a year. The functionality and aesthetics are amazing but it overheats alot

    1. same cannot be said of iphone 12 promax. even if the charging is getting hotter, it will automatically stop charging and tell you it will resume when the condition normalise.

  94. My experience is with my Redmi Note 11, I have been using it for almost 2 years and it has given me ease… The battery life span is strong, it charges fast and then the system updates are amazing. The body built up is also great

  95. I have once used an iPhone and a Samsung phone before and I can say they are perfect in all other features a mobile phone can give except their battery life and of course their accessories are more expensive than any other mobile brand.
    And because I always have so much to do on a mobile, I realized they couldn’t satisfy my need of getting a mobile phone ,so I settled for a phone that could give a near experience and still provide me a good battery life to keep up my daily activity which is either a tecno phone and Gionee.

    Nevertheless, they are great products if you have the luxury of pleasure.

  96. My experience is going to be on infinix note 8 mobile phone I have been using for a while.
    My experience is really delightful as compared to previous phones I used before it.
    The phone has been able to provide me with ease of use, its picture quality are desirable, the battery life is extensive. I think I get value I would get from more expensive brand from it thereby saving cost .

  97. I’ve had both good and bad experiences with Apple products before. The good experience I had with Apple was when I got my new iPhone. It was super sleek and the camera quality was amazing. But there was also a time I had a not-so-great experience with Apple when I got iPhone X, it kept heating, which was really frustrating.

  98. Apple products are well known for their speed and perfect camera quality, another thing that makes Apple stand out is its Ecosystem, you’d rather use Apple Music than Spotify which makes the user stay within the Apple niche.

  99. Apple has over the years built a niche for their product,how ever the introduction of upgrade from time to time affects the users experience of the product

  100. Apple has been a standout in the mobile market economy due to their different and unique software operating systems.

  101. Apple has created a niche for themselves in the market that phones are classified into 2 apple and Android. Which is very good but the inability of the phone to receive some apps or files from other devices is a turn off. But in all apple users always praise their product for it’s safety features which is great.

  102. I feel Apple Products are design basically to function in that “Apple community” – that is iPhone, MacBook, AirPods, Apple AirPort Express all connect to one another quite easily and is always difficult to connect outside the Apple community.
    Due to open source of Android systems, its easy for different brands to connect easily whether it’s Samsung, Tecno, Infinix, etc

    I feel its positive when I consider my Apple devices but see it as negative when I consider my iPhone doesn’t connect easily and seamlessly with my PC

  103. Apple has created a class in the market to an extent that phones are classified into two categories namely:
    These has earn them an edge over other products despite the lack accessibility and high cost (i.e not able to transfer app with other products) users still prefer it over any other brand.

  104. Apple products are the most expensive product in the market but we notice that it has gained wide attention by people because of their users experience which make many people love the product and want it, I will also love to own one, things are said not to be perfect, they need to improve the battery life of their products especially the phones and also work on the adaptability by allowing it to access some apps that are easy on android. I use Tecno product and the consistent issue I have is that I have been repairing the charging port due to fake chargers that have penetrated the market.

  105. I have an apple laptop, specifically a Mac Air 2013, one of the issues I have with the laptop is the fact that it is extremely expensive to maintain.

  106. Apple products are the most expensive and well known worldwide. Their market value is very great. I don’t use apple, but people that you it around me complain of battery and inability to download certain applications that are easy in any other android phones. I believe those are few negative views.
    Personally i use Samsung phones,and in as much as i love their market value, the negative side i encounter with Samsung is charging cord and head. They have allowed a number of fake chargers of their products to penetrate the market ,giving end users difficulty in finding the right chargers to charge there phones with. In my own opinion, I will always pick Samsung over iphones because of its less complexity.

  107. One good experience I’ve had using apple products is their speed of work and their camera quality. This sets them apart from other competitors.

  108. I can reflect on my experiences using the Siri AI assistant on my iPhone. One of the best things about Siri is that it’s really easy to use. I just need to press a button and then I can ask Siri a question, and it will give me the answer I need. This is really convenient and efficient. One of the things that can be frustrating about Siri is that sometimes it doesn’t understand what I’m asking. I can ask a question and Siri will give me an answer that’s not related to what I asked. This can be annoying, but overall I think Siri is a useful tool.

  109. Apple is creating a positive user experience by building what people need.
    Apple products are consistently advancing to meet up with customer’s expectations. Their product boosts the confidence of their users and has found a way to remain relevant in the market despite increasing competition and high cost of their products and some deficiencies.

  110. Compared to some android smartphones I have used, my current iphone has limited RAM and storage. This definitely limits my experience, such that I usually have to pair my iphone with an android to support my business and lifestyle.

  111. Hey there! I’d be happy to share my experience with an Apple product. I recently had a great experience with the iPhone 12. The performance, camera quality, and overall user experience were top-notch. The design was sleek and the display was stunning. The seamless integration with other Apple devices made it even more convenient for me. Overall, my experience with the iPhone 12 was positive because it delivered on both functionality and aesthetics.

    As for design thinking, it’s a fantastic approach to product design and development. It focuses on understanding user needs, generating creative ideas, and prototyping solutions. By putting the user at the center of the design process, it helps create products that truly meet their needs and expectations.

  112. Using an Apple product, like an iPhone or MacBook, often provides a seamless and intuitive user experience. The integration between hardware and software is typically well-executed, making tasks like setting up devices, syncing data across devices, and accessing services like iCloud, iMessage, and FaceTime, straightforward and efficient. This cohesion contributes to a smooth and enjoyable user experience especially for those who enjoyed reliability in technology and that’s a positive experience to me.

    Negative experience I have is the durability .The battery is not strong and their product is relatively too high in cost.

  113. Apple products has lasted in market based on their design, consistency and accessibility and I can say this are the good experience I have had with the product. The bad experiences that I have had with apple phone is the battery life of the phone, expensive repairs.

  114. Apple is one product that has lasted in the market place because of the kind of name (growth and maturity) it has kept over the years. However I will on the contrary say it is overrated. One of the reasons I say so it’s because of the iphone model, the battery durability is poor and that is a very poor user experience

  115. Apple has been one of the leading product in the market based on their compatibility and consistency in the market,which users have had relevant experiences, but the negative side is that an average consumer will not be able to access their products based on the amount been put on it, their products are not really as strong as other products that last long

  116. Apple products are mostly recognised as one of the best products in the market. For me the positive experience I had with apple phone is that it’s more durable and strong. While the negative experience is that, it’s expensive to manage. More on the negative experience is that it’s not that flexible with application as it only accepts applications contain in its apps store. However, it’s secure and functions appropriately with other apple products.

  117. Bad experience I have with using Apple phone includes poor battery performance, expensive repairs and replacements and lack of compatibility with certain software. These negative experiences informed help appple build on a better product.


  118. Bad experiences with Apple may include poor battery performance, software bugs and glitches, expensive repairs and replacements, limited hardware customization options, lack of compatibility with certain software or devices, and limited storage capacity.

  119. Apple’s commitment to design, simplicity, consistency, and customer-centricity plays a significant role in creating positive user experiences across its products and services

  120. Apple is known for its focus on creating a positive user experience (UX), and there are several ways they do this. First, they design their products with simplicity and ease of use in mind. They also pay close attention to the user interface (UI), making sure it’s intuitive and easy to navigate. In addition, they create products that are visually appealing and have a premium feel. Finally, they provide excellent customer support, ensuring users have a positive experience even if they encounter problems.

  121. I have a good experience using a Macbook which I purchased recently. it was easy to use and it was also very accessible. The only challenge I had which was my own problem was that i was not familiar with the product but then it was swift and sweet to use. I also love the fact that it’s very sleek and I can just put it in my handbag when going out.

    1. I have a good experience with Samsung Galaxy phone because of the camera quality and the input capacity
      But one of the bad experience about Samsung Galaxy phone is the battery capacity with always makes the phone to shutdown fast. So if they can improve on the battery capacity I think it will be of great help

  122. Here’s an example of a good experience with an Apple product:

    A few years ago, I purchased a MacBook Pro for work and personal use. From the moment I opened the sleek packaging, I was impressed by the attention to detail and craftsmanship. Setting up the MacBook was seamless, thanks to the intuitive user interface and easy-to-follow instructions.

    One aspect that stood out was the performance of the MacBook Pro. It was incredibly fast and responsive, allowing me to multitask effortlessly and handle demanding tasks such as video editing and graphic design with ease. The Retina display provided stunning visuals, making everything from web browsing to watching movies a delight.

    Another highlight was the reliability of the MacBook Pro. Over the years, it remained stable and dependable, with minimal issues or slowdowns. The build quality was excellent, and despite regular use, the laptop showed no signs of wear and tear.

    Additionally, the customer support provided by Apple was exceptional. On the rare occasions when I needed assistance, Apple’s customer service representatives were knowledgeable, helpful, and efficient in resolving any issues I encountered.

    Overall, my experience with the MacBook Pro was overwhelmingly positive, and it solidified my trust and loyalty to the Apple brand. The combination of outstanding performance, reliability, and excellent customer service made it a truly remarkable product.

  123. The bad experience I have with apple phone is the battery life of the phone.. And it’s almost all iPhone users that go around with a power bank..

    This is a negative experience for me as it causes inconvenience to my satisfaction..no doubt the phone is good but the battery life is an issue which they need to look at.

    Working on this aspect will also increase customer satisfaction with the product

    1. well, I think I agree with you on this. For me, one of the things I consider before buying a phone is the battery life. This is one of the reasons why I don’t like Samsung products as well. I believe if they can resolve it if they see it as an issue.

      1. The product is Samsung tablet
        1. Excellent experience while reading ebooks, good colors and comfortable eye reflection
        2. It was user friendly and ease to operate since I was new to use tablets and android.

        3. Samsung phones and tablets has been super nice since inceptions.

        4. Its iconic network display is amazing and knows no boundary

        5. While my choice of brand may affect others aspirations and aspirations, I recommend the use of Samsung products for its user friendly experience.