Discover the art of building stunning blogs, websites, and e-commerce sites using WordPress, empowering you to establish and thrive in the online business realm.


  • No prior knowledge of WordPress is required.
  • We will guide you through each step in a systematic manner.
  • Basic computer literacy will prove beneficial.
  • All the tools we employ are available for free.


This comprehensive WordPress course stands out among the rest, offering you a massive opportunity to master the platform. With WordPress currently powering over 43% of all websites worldwide, there has never been a better time to build a lucrative income stream and a thriving business around it.

This course is carefully designed to take you from absolute beginner to expert website developer, enabling you to earn substantial revenue. We continuously add new lectures based on student requests, ensuring additional clarity whenever necessary.

You've come here to become a WordPress pro, haven't you? Fantastic choice, and you're in the perfect place. The best part is, you can achieve mastery without delving into programming or coding.

While WordPress's open-source nature attracts countless developers who create valuable resources, acquiring the skills to construct and manage websites with finesse still requires significant learning. But worry not! I will provide you with all the necessary knowledge.

We'll cover every topic comprehensively, starting from the fundamentals and progressing to advanced techniques. We'll begin by exploring what WordPress is, why it's essential, and who utilizes it.

From there, we'll delve into installation, content creation, menus, widgets, plugins, security measures, settings, and ultimately publishing your website online.

Who can benefit from this course:

  • Anyone eager to learn WordPress.
  • Individuals aiming to effortlessly create websites, blogs, and e-commerce sites.
  • Entrepreneurs aspiring to launch their web design business.
  • Individuals desiring to become web developers.
  • Freelancers seeking to expand their skillset.


  • 6 Sections
  • 30 Lessons
  • 2 Quizzes
  • 4h Duration
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MODULE 1 - How websites works
5 Lessons1 Quiz
  1. 1.0 Introduction - How websites works
  2. 1.1 Understanding domain names
  3. 1.2 How Domain Name Systems (DNS) work
  4. 1.3 What is Web Hosting?
  5. 1.4 How to place an order for domain and web hosting with Whogohost
  6. Test your knowledge
Module 2 - Introduction to WordPress
3 Lessons0 Quizzes
  1. 2.1 What is WordPress?
  2. 2.2 Installing WordPress
  3. 2.3 - The WordPress Dashboard
Module 3 - WordPress Foundation
8 Lessons0 Quizzes
  1. 3.1 WordPress Settings
  2. 3.2 WordPress Categories & Tags
  3. 3.3 WordPress Posts
  4. 3.4 WordPress Pages
  5. 3.5 WordPress Media
  6. 3.6 WordPress Comments
  7. 3.7 Wordpress Plugins
  8. 3.8 Wordpress Users
Module 4 - Building your WordPress Site
8 Lessons0 Quizzes
  1. 4.0 Introduction - Building & Customizing your WordPress Site
  2. 4.1 Customizing WordPress I - Installing and Activating a WordPress theme
  3. 4.2 Customizing WordPress II - Configuring general settings of a WordPress theme
  4. 4.3 Customizing WordPress III - Managing menu items and the footer
  5. 4.4 Customizing WordPress IV - Managing your homepage
  6. 4.5 Customizing WordPress V - Managing your blog posts
  7. 4.6 Customizing WordPress VI - Managing pages using the Elementor plugin
  8. 4.7 Customizing WordPress VII - Finalizing your WordPress site
Module 5 - Final Configurations
3 Lessons1 Quiz
  1. 5.0 Introduction - Final Configurations
  2. 5.1 Backing up your WordPress site
  3. 5.2 Securing your WordPress site
  4. Test your knowledge
Module 6 - Final part
3 Lessons0 Quizzes
  1. 6.1 - Finishing touches
  2. 6.2 Assignment - Create your own website, Get Certificate
  3. Wrap up Discussion!

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