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I must also warn you that these steps will not work if you fail to implement them exactly the way I will teach you.

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The secrets I’m about to reveal to you has earned me some good money, out of which I just bought my first car in September 2023. A Black Lexus es350 to aid my movement and MOST importantly, save me from the rude bus drivers in this town. LOL

Going by my results and that of my trainees/clients, This training should cost you nothing less than $1,000 but I understand that the global economy is crazy right now and things are difficult for most entrepreneurs at the moment, so I won’t charge you that amount.

If I bring it down to $500, so many start ups, companies, digital marketing managers, Digital product creators and sellers would be happy and start paying immediately, but because I want to HELP YOU GROW and gain some financial balance, I won’t charge you that as well. Especially as an African

So how much would you pay for this?

N50,000. ($50)

Sounds great, right? I know, but don’t get excited yet. Let’s go lower.

I’m aware $50 is super cheap for the level of information I’m about to reveal to you. Its almost like you are stealing from me. For an information that has helped one of my trainees make about N12,450,000. 12 million, four hundred and fifty thousand. It is a steal! and I’m convinced you will gladly pay it without a second thought, but I still will not charge you that amount.

To prove that I am not in need of your money and that I’m interested in helping you, I have created a discount coupon code to giveaway this live changing training to you for only N25,000. ($25) (Valid For the first 50 people) and I’ll reveal it below.

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Here is how much people like you are making online just by implementing the steps I’m about to teach you: I will share just 5 most recent Paystack earning dashboards and a Live video for confirmation.

Proof No.2

Proof NO:3

But there’s a catch.

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Once the coupon code hits zero, the price will go up to 50k for one week and probably keep going up from there.

Only 50 people would be accepted into this program per batch.

Once we get to 50, the program will be closed.

When you sign up before the coupon code slot gets to zero, you will also gain access to our Upwork freelancing course on DEXA for Free.


Think I’m just blabbing?

Have a look at how much I’ve been able to make through what I’m about to teach you, in the video below.


Also note that if you apply all the steps that I’ll teach and you do not make “at least” triple of whatever you’ve been making within 90 days as a complete newbie, I’ll refund your N25k ($25) and also add ($5) N5k extra to it for inconveniencing you and wasting your time.

This means that I’m offering you a solid MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, if you apply everything I’ll teach you and you didn’t make “at least” 3 times of the sales you used to make every month – in 90 days or even less.

I’m not only going to refund your N25k ($25) and also add ($5) N5k extra to it making it a total of N30k ($30).

That’s how much confidence I have that this sales and marketing masterclass/mentorship will change your business and finances for the better.

These are the exact steps that changed my life and all businesses who took these steps from me. Just like these extra examples below

  Online seller 1: Sells Software Documents

Online Seller 2: Sells Online Courses

At this point, I know there’s a little battle going on in your mind to either pay for this program or miss out on an opportunity to be trained by me.

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