Sales & Marketing Tip to Make more sales online.

If you intend to make more sales online, there are strategies you must put in place to ensure your product becomes desirable, scarce and drives a lot of interest.

…and I’m here to open your eyes to one that works.

I know it’s been long you made a sale and you’re worried.

Or, you probably made one sale, and nothing else is coming.

And now you’re tired. I know that feeling. I’ve been there and I’ve experienced it.

In this semi short article, I’ll teach you how to make more sales online without wasting money on ads, after you make your first sale on-line.

After you make 1 sale on social media.

The easiest way to make your 2nd & 3rd sale is to tell people about the 1st sale.

The easiest way to make the 4 & 10th is to tell people about the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.

Maybe you won’t take this seriously because it’s coming from me, and probably you’re just reading me for the first time.

So… I don’t want to make this about me and my little results, I’ll walk you to someone you know that sells off massively on social media.


Emeka Nobis, Nelly Agbogu, or Chioma Ifeanyi-eze, …… (Fill in the gap).

Why are you interested in their product?

How did you know they were selling plenty?

What happened within you after you found out other people are rushing to get their product?

Why do you think these people are rushing?

Ok… You have your answer now. It’s a marketing secret most coaches will not tell you immediately.

In marketing, we call it social proofs and it can come in different forms.

It creates a sense of urgency, curiosity and scarcity in the mind of your potential customers.

If you’ve been following me closely, you must have heard me write about infusion of emotional angles to your marketing strategy.

Beside marketing, I have a Bsc in psychology, so I understand to an extent how the human mind works.

So when you sell 1 unit of your course or product, don’t sit idle and pray to sell another one.

Or keep running ads with the same copy. No you’ll be wasting Money.

– You might wanna tweak your ad creative or landing page with this social proof.

– Post the credit alert for that 1 unit.

And be like “Hey! I’m excited to announce we just on-boarded one more student into xxxx course. Payment has been confirmed and he’ll be joining the course”.


“Ifeyinwa is set to receive her waybill in Accra in 5days. She heard about the wonders of our product and has just placed an other for one. Congratulations ma’am”.

These are proofs that your product works.

Don’t try to sell under it. Just keep it brief.

Someone would want to know why Ifeyinwa and imaginary others are paying for your product.

If they genuinely have this problem, they’ll come for your product. It works like magic.

Curiosity kills a cat. Right?

Learn how to use social proof and emotional angles to sell anything. Literally anything.

Worried about my own results?

Rest assured you’ll love my numbers. I pull in more than 2000 leads within 3 to 5days without Ads.

And atleast 10 to 15% conversion rate per time. Through social proofing and other marketing strategies I develop.

If you understand marketing key performance indexes you’ll know what it means.

Been doing so for the past few months.

You can too and this is part of the strategy.

This is How to make more sales online without wasting money on ads.

Hope you got value?

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