Hi there, here’s a schedule for dividing the lessons into 21 days, with about 3 – 6 lessons per day, alongside an instruction on how to start learning.

Be informed that you are not allowed to exceed the number of lessons on the timetable per day, as this can get you suspended from the program.

To start the course, follow these simple steps.

  1. Ensure you already have an account on DEXA and that you are logged in. If you don’t, create your account here. https://learnwithdexa.com/account/signup/.
  2. Go to https://learnwithdexa.com/course/project-management-course-x-open-university-uk/.
  3. If you’re using a mobile device, scroll all the way down the page and click on the “Start Course” button. If you’re not logged in, you will see “Register Now”. So ensure you are logged in.

  1. Once you click on Start Course, you’ll be taken into the course immediately and you can begin learning.



Your TeamLeads will guide you.


Module 1, Lesson 1: Onboarding – MUST READ

Module 1, Lesson 2: About This Class

Module 1, Lesson 3: Introduction

Module 1, Lesson 4: Principles of Project Management

Module 1, Lesson 5: Project Management Methods

Module 1, Lesson 6: Collaborating as a Project Manager


Module 1, Lesson 7: Setting up your projects in Teamgant

Module 1, Lesson 8: Utilizing your system

Module 1, Lesson 9: Communicating as a project manager

Module 1, Lesson 10: Communication case studies

Module 1, Lesson 11: Wrap up of Introduction to Project Management

Module 2, Lesson 1: Welcome to Module 2 – Becoming an effective project manager (the Open University UK)


Module 2, Lesson 2: Welcome to Project Management: Beyond the Basics (video)

Module 2, Lesson 3: What skills should a project manager master?

Module 2, Lesson 4: Identify your role’s project management skills – Discussion

Module 2, Lesson 5: Speaking from experience (video)

Module 2, Lesson 6: The demands posed on a project manager


Module 2, Lesson 7: Reflecting on skills

Module 2, Lesson 8: Engaging Stakeholders

Module 2, Lesson 9: Evaluating project stakeholders

Module 2, Lesson 10: Who are the stakeholders? (video)

Module 2, Lesson 11: Mapping stakeholders


Module 2, Lesson 12: Strategies for dealing with stakeholders

Module 2, Lesson 13: Communicating inside and outside the project team

Module 2, Lesson 14: Communicating with stakeholders (video)

Module 2, Lesson 15: Working ethically in projects

Module 2, Lesson 16: Difficult decisions (video)


Module 2, Lesson 17: The scope of ethics in projects

Module 2, Lesson 18: Ethics in practice

Module 2, Lesson 19: Dealing with difficult decisions (Discussion)

Module 2, Lesson 20: Acting ethically (Discussion)

Module 2, Lesson 21: Three steps to thinking more ethically about decisions


Module 2, Lesson 22: Identifying ethical aspects in a project (Video)

Module 2, Lesson 23: Summary of Module 2

Module 3, Lesson 1: Intro

Module 3, Lesson 2: Understanding and responding to complexity

Module 3, Lesson 3: Thinking about complexity


Module 3, Lesson 4: Volatility and uncertainty

Module 3, Lesson 5: Complexity and ambiguity

Module 3, Lesson 6: The challenges for projects

Module 3, Lesson 7: Orientation in a complex world

Module 3, Lesson 8: Linear and iterative projects


The different approaches explained (video)

The linear project lifecycle

Linear projects in practice

Understanding iterative projects (video)

The iterative project lifecycle

Selecting the right approach

DAY 10

Adapting approaches to context

Pragmatism over purism

Project lifecycles in practice (video)

Developing project agility

Apply what you’ve learned (Discussion)

Summary of Module 3

DAY 11

Establishing and leading project teams

Creating a project team (video)

What is a project team?

Understanding project teams

Forming teams for projects

How teams work

DAY 12

The project manager’s role in team building

Creating the conditions for project teams to succeed

How to build a team in ten minutes (video)

Forming teams in complex environments

Your experiences of diversity in teams (discussion)

Collective learning and intelligence in teams (video)

DAY 13

Unlocking team learning

Developing and safeguarding team members

Developing the project team

Giving and receiving feedback

Adapting your management style

Safeguarding the team – and yourself

DAY 14

Apply what you’ve learned

Summary of Module 4

Thinking about projects and organizations (video)

Developing a broader view on projects

What is quality [discussion]

The cost of quality

DAY 15

Identifying the costs of quality in a project (video)

Creating a quality plan

Planning for quality (video)

Managing Resources:

Resource loading

Resource leveling

Strategies for resource leveling

DAY 16

A comprehensive view on resource overload (discussion)

Problems that affect scheduling resources.

Your experience of scheduling resources.

A different approach to scheduling

The critical chain (video)

DAY 17

Multiple team membership (video)

Managing Conflict:

Conflict and its potential sources

Conflicts in projects (video)

Dealing with conflicts

Negotiation in projects

Applying the lessons learnt (video)

Checking your understanding

End-of- Open University Course & summary

DAY 18

Module 6: The Art and Science of Project Leadership [TeamGant]

Introduction to Module 6 – The Art and Science of Project Leadership [TeamGant]

An introduction to Project Leadership

Crafting your project management process

DAY 19

Estimating Projects with ease

Documenting project requirements

Creating Accurate Project Plans

Setting and Managing Expectations

DAY 20

Tactics for managing Scope Creep

Winning Trust with Communication

How to manage stakeholders in a project

DAY 21

Managing Project Teams.

Creating effective staffing plans.

How to get the most out of meetings.

Mastering time management.

You’re the project manager now – Get Certificate.

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  1. This course is designed extremely Educating. Thanks DEXA for this wonderful opportunity to becoming a certified Project Management

  2. I am so excited for this privilege to enhance my knowledge Thank you DEXA and the open University UK for the opportunity.

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  4. Thank you, DEXA and the Open University, UK for this great opportunity. I already excited of the knowledge and expertise I will gain from you.

  5. Thank you DEXA AND UK OPEN UNIVERSITY for this great privilege to enhance my knowledge and preparedness for new horizons

  6. Thank you so much DEXA AND OPEN UNIVERSITY for this rich practical courses on project management @topstarcollege12

  7. Sir,
    Thanks so very much for this opportunity. I am grateful.

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  8. Cohort 11 Team 5

    As an MTD Project Manager, the most suitable approach will be First, to identify the problem and challenges, and then apply the VUCA framework tools so as to come up with a suitable response to the problems already identified.

    In advising the Company:
    Embracing the Iterative and Agile Practices: Encourage the use of iterative and agile approaches in event project management to increase flexibility, reduce risk, and enhance stakeholder satisfaction.
    Agile emphasizes close collaboration among team members and stakeholders, promoting transparency and effective communication throughout the project.

    Prioritize Customer Satisfaction: Place a major standard on meeting customer needs and incorporate their feedback throughout the project lifecycle to ensure a successful and satisfying event experience.

  9. Sir,
    Thanks so very much for this opportunity. I am grateful.

    Please I have a challenge login on last night and I need help please. I forgot my password. And even when I clicked on “forgot password” , I was sent a mail for reset, but when I click on the link, it will still take me back to normal login page instead of a page for a new password.
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  10. Quite an exciting and revealing journey thus far.

    I’ve learned a few practical skills-which I’m applying to my every day job as a security manager.

  11. As a Project manager, it is my duty to write down a suitable communication plan,have regular contact with specialists, Report progress of projects, work on realistic time schedule,make the client understand how the system works and never be afraid to bring bad news to the table because solutions can be drafted out.

  12. I think the timetable is quite alright, probably until I see how long a module would last or take. But is there a way the time table could be put in a graphical form or something, instead of always coming here to check and confirm?
    Just my thought tho.

    1. I think it’s quite okay, probably till I see how long a module should take.Also it there a way the time table can be put in from of a graphical form or something instead of always coming here to check for the timetable